Life In Technicolor: Kiss Neon Nails

When it comes to opinions of fake nails, there is absolutely no middle ground. Women either love or hate them, and they will generally express their opinions with a fervor reserved for acquired tastes such as sardines and black licorice. So when we got our hands on Kiss Neon Green Nail Tips, we admit we were rather skeptical. Not only are these artificial nails, but they have neon green tips that shout “Pay attention to me!”

Kiss USA Neon Green Nails

We instantly imagined track and field legend Florence Griffith Joyner with her two-inch long tips. But fear not, Flo-Jo. The Kiss Neon tips are the length of normal fingernails, and they look very realistic, minus the green tips. Application is extremely easy due to a variety of nail sizes and a simple adhesive glue. However, we must recommend that if you’re considering putting these tips on, don’t plan to take them off immediately after. They have the staying power of an uninvited houseguest who simply won’t return home! We attempted to take them off soon after application, and found that soaking in traditional nail polish remover wasn’t enough. The box recommends acetone based remover, but we assume even that might be difficult. Make sure you’re ready to keep these on for a week or so before you take them off. At least you can stay they have staying power.