Lisa Hoffman: Madagascar Orchid "Variations" Roll On Oils

Lisa Hoffman Variations Roll On Scents Pouch

I have a new love in fragrance and it’s a set of four pulse point oils. In fact, I’m so enthralled by Lisa Hoffman’s “Variations” in Madagascar Orchid that I have been using them ever so sparingly — hoping that each pulse point roll on will last me an infinitely long time — or at least until the next Halley’s Comet is visible.

A Fragrance of the Year Award Finalist at the FiFi Awards, Lisa Hoffman’s “Madagscar Orchid” Variations comes in four elegant pulse point roll ons: one for the Morning, Daytime, Evening and Bed Time.

lisa-hoffman-variations in Madagascar Orchid

What a fragrance!!!!!! I am usually a perfume snob, but found myself jumping for joy when I rubbed this rich and lush orchid mix on my wrists. The perfume’s notes are the delicate white orchid flower, sheer jasmine, ylang dew, mimosa mood, and pink peony to envelop the senses in a floral decadence.

This fragrance is both sensuous and thick and dewy, all at the same time. It completely envelops you in a delicate yet powerful veil (delicate because of the florals; and powerful because of the effect of the mix).

The four vials complement each other (just wear them at the appropriate time) and your entire day will bloom as beautifully and gracefully as a Madagascar Orchid (shown below):


I love the gorgeous leather wallet that houses these beautiful vials as well. The leather is as luxurious as a Hermes Birkin and the stylish wallet ensures that the oils stay safe and sound in your purse while you travel.


Here is Lisa’s recommendation on how to use the vials:

Vial #1 (Morning): Light and refreshing, this variation is the perfect addition to a woman’s morning routine. It contains just enough fragrance to be noticed, but never enough to overwhelm the sensitive morning nose.

Vial #2 (Daytime): A richer, fuller-bodied version of the scent, for when most women are at their peak activity, and may occasionally feel the desire to “freshen up.”

Vial #3 (Evening): A more sensual and provocative variation, for the time in a woman’s day where she prepares for a fun night out with the girls, a romantic dinner with a special someone, or a cozy night on the couch with a glass of wine.

Vial #4 (Bedtime): A soft, powdery version of the fragrance for wear during sleep. Light, soothing, and slightly sensual, this variation allows her favorite scent to follow her to bed, without disrupting the comfort of her sleep, or anyone else’s.

The complete set of Madagascar Orchid Variations retails for $95 and refills (vials only) are $60. I consider them completely and utterly worth it. If it’s magic you’re after, you need to smell like LH Madagascar Orchid.

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