Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath – Hand and Foot Butter

Dry winter air is notorious for causing parched skin. From your face to your feet, the lack of humidity is sure to take a toll on the largest organ on your body. Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath – Hand and Foot Butter is ideal for those of us suffering from this malady on our hands and feet. This creamy concoction is part of Lisa Hoffman’s Spa Bath line – a five piece line that is equally lavish and eco-friendly – Lisa Hoffman uses ingredients and fragrances that are harvested from rainforests worldwide in a sustainable manner. This shea butter cream is infused with botanicals and antioxidant acai and grape seed oil. The texture is creamy and luxurious and it smells divine – fragrance notes include Madagascar orchid, Jasmine, Orange and Bergamot.

Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter

Usually by this time of year (and it’s not even winter yet) my hands are dry and scaly and my cuticles are all torn up. I have been using Lisa Hoffman Hand and Foot Butter religiously for days and my usually ragged cuticles are beautifully moisturized and healthy looking. This highly effective moisturizing butter is packaged in a luxurious air tight jar with a special pump that you press on to distribute just the right amount of product -so every pump is fresh. Find it at $35.50

– Catia Carvalho Trooskin