L'Oreal 360 Degree Pore by Pore Cleanser with Scrublet

The latest by L’Oreal is a Pore by Pore Cleanser that is not only affordable, it’s as fun as lego blocks to play with. It has the first ever Scrublet cleansing tool that is embedded in the cleanser itself so you don’t have to play Sherlock Holmes in the shower (simply embed the scrublet back into the cleanser…see below!).You can also use the suction cup to place it on your shower tile.

L\'Oreal 360 Degree Pore by Pore Scrublet

The scrublet is jelly-soft and a cleansing disc with several points that are non abrasive. After taking one swooping look at the scrublet I thought the disc would be painful on the skin. Nothing could be further than the truth; although I’m partial to my Clarisonic, the scrublet may well become my cleansing BFF.

L\'Oreal 360 Pore by Pore Cleanser with scrublet

L\'Oreal 360 Pore by Pore Cleanser with Scrublet

The scrublet helps the foam from the 360 Degree Cleanser suds more and clean thoroughly. I tried the milky white soap-free cleanser for Sensitive Skin was exceptionally soothing — there was nothing harsh about it at all. There are other varieties: the Deep Facial Cleanser is a high-foam gel that is oil free for problem skin; The Deep Cream Cleanser is also soap-free; the Deep Exfoliating Scrub has natural apricot seed and salicylic acid.

Now, would I buy this product? Yes, I would because of the claim that it shrinks pores for only $6.99. There are so many more pricey products that promise to shrink the size of your pores, so why not give this a try? After the first few washes, I noticed more hydrated and cleaner skin but not a noticeable reduction in my pores. But it’s only been a few days and I’m eager to see my progress in a week.

The 360 Degree Pore by Pore Cleanser hits stores in February 2010 but you can pre-order yours here.