Lorick New York Spring 2010 Fashion Week

You’ve seen fabulous clothing from the Lorick line whether you realize it or not. This youthful line stars as the Waldorf Collection on the CW’s Gossip Girl. Their Spring 2010 runway show came in three distinct acts with three different and complimentary make-up looks. JP McCary, the head make-up artist for this show, explains:

lorick-spring 2010

Pastel Look

Look 1, for the Watercolor section, lifts colors directly from a graceful painting. A bold teal liner under the eye with taupe in the eyelid crease and natural brow compliment subtle orange blush and lip stain. Champagne highlighter in a V on cheekbones and temples makes the look very now, as McCary tells me that soft shimmer a big trend for spring.

lorick-spring 2010

Watercolor Look

For Look 2, the Pastel unit, McCary created a mod 60s look with deep black shadow under the eye and on the upper lash line that gradual fades to white as it nears the (still natural) brows. A baby doll pink lip stain continues the mod theme.

lorick spring 2010

Look 3, for the final Acrylic act, builds on Look 1 as the models change and get make-up tweaks in front of the audience. McCary adds black liner on top of the watercolor teal and gloss to orange lip stain, then really punches up the look by adding more highlighter to the temples and cheekbones.

temptu air brush system

McCary notes that perfect but natural-looking skin is a must for all these palettes. All the models wore Temptu’s AIRbrush Makeup System with AIR Pods that airbrushed on Foundation, blush, and highlighter (we wrote about how awesome the product is here).

I asked McCary to give me one must-have product above. “Champagne highlighter!” he exclaims gleefully before I can finish the question. “It looks good on everyone. You can put it everywhere – cheekbones, temples, the Cupid’s bow on your lip, just . . . everywhere.” You heard it here first, folks – champagne highlighter is the new black.

Well, not really, but you get the idea.