MAC Artist Collections: Maira Kalman & Richard Phillips

Maira Kalman‘s art inspired this beautiful collection with the emphasis on eye pencils and shadows (Photo of Maira’s collection courtesy of Eye4Style).

MAC Maira Kalman

The third collection that MAC unveiled last night was by Richard Phillips, who had beautiful canvases displayed at the artist’s studio:

MAC Richard Phillips Collection

The artist with his creation:

Richard Phillips and MAC

This is the original canvas:

Richard Phillips started with the above canvas as his armature (the basic painting). “Once we got the pigment colors, this is the painting (above) that we had as the basis to work with, I painstakingly layered the exact MAC pigment colors to create different versions of the lip and eye and blush,” he says.

As you can see, this is a different rendition of the original (the lip color is richer and thicker):

Phillips explains that MAC gave him some colors to work with and he created a work of art for the collection using the pigments. The Phillips Collection is very much eye/ lip savvy. All the colors are wearable by all complexions and the rich lipstick shades make this my favorite.

This will launch in August 2009 along with the other two artist collections.