MAC Cosmetics Tabloid Beauty Collection Spring 2010 Favorites

Since the weekly rags like the Nat Enquirer, US Weekly and its glossy couterparts (e.g.Life & Style) have been taking the newsstands by storm, it’s not a surprise that MAC Cosmetics decided to take part in this Gossip fetish that’s becoming more Americana than apple pie.

MAC Tabloid Beauty Collection Spring 2010

The collection is SO Page Six that the New York Post is probably sending paparazzi out in droves to photograph women wearing them.

MAC Tabloid Beauty Spring 2010

These damsels and waif-thin Kate moss lipsticks, liners and fillers will become part of the MAC Cosmetics Permanent Collection.

What we love about this collection is that it combines elements of long wearing shades (you’ll need them if you’re out partying into the wee hours). Therefore the rationale behind the PRO LONGWEAR LUSTRE LIPCOLOUR and the PRO LONGWEAR LIPCOLOR–no feathering, no muss no fuss.

We also have adored the PLUSH LASH MASCARA for a while because your lashes get to be longer than Thurman’s legs (the R&D department at MAC claims you see a 112% increase in fullness, 125% increase in curl).

I can’t step out of my house with the PENULTIMATE EYE LINER because it truly gives you a 12 hour failsafe, sans Raccoon eyes look. 12 hour Rock and Roll Wear?

The Tabloid Beauty Collection also houses some valuable skincare goodies including the PREP + PRIME LINE FILLER that targets wrinkles, and the PREP + PRIME SKIN REFINED ZONE, a pore fighter that graduated Boot Camp.

They’re available now, in all your usual haunts (MAC Stores and MAC online!). So go on, release your inner Gaga and end up on Page Six!