MAC Cosmetics' Venomous Villains Collection

When the weather turns a bit dark, a bit cloudy, our minds generally wander into the direction of ghouls, goblins, fairies and cobwebs. MAC’s team up with Disney for the Venomous Villains collection reminds us of Urban Decay’s partnership for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: except that this collection covers all facets of your beauty routine.

A potion to poison, an apple to bite, a spell to cast…bad never looked so good. We gave you a tease of the venomous villains collection here, and talked about how they will feature four villains from Disney movies (and portray them as real badasses). We’re talking about characters that are as cunning, diabolical and poisonous as the folks from Good Fellas, here, girls!

MAC Cosmetics' Venomous Villains Collection

Frankly, it’s about time. With the True Blood and vampire craze that’s been going around, you know that America is quite blood-thirsty.

The collection is inspired by three infamously frosty, fabulous and formidable of Disney’s Dark Ladies and one dark, sinister gent (101 Dalmations’ Cruella de Vil, Snow White’s Evil Queen, Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent and The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. Facilier).

The collection gives you hot shades of magenta, red and pink (there are four separate mini-collections). Who’s the fairest one of all? Four separate mini-collections, in haute animated couture. You know they’re up to no good on their own, but thankfully they come with some purpose in this collection. There is always the iconic packaging, of course.

MAC Cosmetics' Venomous Villains Collection

The four collections are as follows:

Cruella de Vil Collection

Evil Queen Collection

Maleficent Collection

Dr.Facilier Collection

MAC Cosmetics' Venomous Villains Collection

Apart from the trove of eyeshadows, lipglass and nail lacquers you can find in this collection, we’re all over the I’m So Vain Mirror compact ($12); the interior contains one standard mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on alternate side.

The MAC Venomous Villains collection appears on counters nationwide September 30, 2010 through October 2010.View theproduct trailer HERE.

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