MAC Debuts Lip and Face Kits for Holiday 2009

MAC Cosmetics is already thinking about snow and mistletoe when the rest of the world is trying to wade through a muggy summer.

MAC’s Holiday collection is called Magic, Mirth & Mischief. The accessories, brush bags and lip and eye face kits will make any girl giddy with delight. They are also affordably priced for the economic flavor of the day.

MAC Holiday 2009 Lip and FAce Kits

MAC Holiday 2009 Lip and FAce Kits

Heavenly Dish Neutral Lip Kit ($22)

Floating Lightly Pale neutral pink beige

Heavenly Dish Sheer mid-tone neutral pink

Barely Visible Glossy pale nude with pearl

MAC Holiday 2009 Lip Kits

MAC Holiday 2009 Lip Kits

Possessed By Pink! Lip Kit ($22.50)

Tickled Dark plum

Laugh A Lot Creamy mid-tone blue pink

Sweet Smile Glossy mid-tone pink with pearl

MAC Holiday 2009 Eye Kits

MAC Holiday 2009 Eye Kits

6 Sorceress Eye Shadows ($36)

Magnetized Light frosted lavender

Altered State Deep frosted blue purple

White Rabbit Frosted soft white

Edge of Dark Charcoal with silver pearl

Hold My Gaze Mid-tone cool green grey

Hypnotizing Frosted grayed mauve

6 Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows ($36)

Dare Ya! Light frosty peachy pink

Devilishly Dark Rich brown with gold pearl

Oh My Darling Pale frosty cream

Prankster Mid-tone frosted olive

Sorcery Blackened burgundy

Gold Tease Frosty mid-tone gold

6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows ($36)

Cool Incantation Opalescent white gold

Shhh, Don’t Tell Pale neutral pink

Blue Enchantment Dark frosted turquoise

Rose Potion Mid-tone frosted rose

Deep Secret Deep frosted indigo

Violet Vow Deep cool brown

6 Smoke and Mirrors Eye Shadows

Fire in Her Eyes Frost neutral beige

Black Magique Black with gold pearl

Deception Frosty golden brown

Spell No. 9 Soft muted pink beige

Wide-eyed Wonder Mid frosty grey taupe

MAC Holiday 2009 Face Kits

MAC Holiday 2009 Face Kits

Hocus Focus Colourful Face Kit ($38)

Pretty Baby Soft baby pink

Peachykeen Mid-tone peach with pearl

Sunsparked Pearl Frost warm beige with pearl

Fab-racadabra Bronze Face Kit ($38)

Golden Muted gold tan with gold pearl

Sunbasque Gilded peach with pearl

Buffed & Polished Frosty bronzed gold