MAC Debuts Wonder Woman Collection - Photo Review

Calling all Joss Whedon fans, especially those who loved the shimmery eyeshadow, curly hair and red lip. What? Never seen the movie? Here’s a trailer for you (just click on the picture):

Not surprisingly, M.A.C. Cosmetics presents the ultra feminist collection of cosmetics collections, soon to hit stores and online on February 10th: Wonder Woman. It’s cartoonish yet vivid, and a true marvel of a collection (although she’s with DC Comics, we still think she’s a marvel).

MAC Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman Makeup Collection

In this collection, you’ll find a “bulletproof” makeup bag:

MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman Bulletproof Makeup Bag

An eyeshadow palette called Defiance:

MAC Wonder Woman Defiance Eyeshadow palette

An eyeshadow palette called Lady Justice:

MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman Lady Justice

The Invincible Mirror in a sleek gold pouch:

MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman Invincible Mirror

Lipglasses in Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman:

MAC WonderWoman-Lipglass-Athena'sKiss-72WonderWoman-Lipglass-Emancipation-72WonderWoman-Lipglass-SecretIdentity-72 WonderWoman-Lipglass-WonderWoman-72

Lipsticks in Heroine, Marquised, Russian Red, Spitfire:

WonderWoman-Lipstick-Heroine-72 WonderWoman-Lipstick-Marquised'-72WonderWoman-Lipstick-Heroine-72WonderWoman-Lipstick-Spitfire-72

Nail lacquers in Obey Me, Spirit of Truth:

WonderWoman-NailLacquer-ObeyMe-72 WonderWoman-NailLacquer-SpiritofTruth-72

Opulash in Black, Army of Amazons, Themyscira, Victorious:

WonderWoman-Opulash-Black-72 WonderWoman-Opulash-ArmyofAmazons-72

WonderWoman-Opulash-Themyscira-72 WonderWoman-Opulash-Victorious-72

We love the Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black that looks like your fave marker:


Wonder Woman pigments in Bright Fuchia, Marine Ultra:

WonderWoman-Pigment-BrightFuchsia-72 WonderWoman-Pigment-MarineUltra-72

Powder Blush in Amazon Princess and Mighty Aphrodite:

WonderWoman-PowderBlush-AmazonPrincess-72 WonderWoman-PowderBlush-MightyAphrodite-72

We’ll stand in line to beat the crowds for this Red Makeup Bag:


There’s also the Reflects Glitter in Reflects Bronze and Pearl:

WonderWoman-ReflectsGlitter-ReflectsBronze-72 WonderWoman-ReflectsGlitter-ReflectsPearl-72

And to top it all off, what would Wonder Woman do without the Utility Belt Brush Sets for the eyes and face?

WonderWoman-UtilityBeltEyeBrushSet-72 WonderWoman-UtilityBeltFaceBrushSet-72

Stay tuned for swatches! For now, you can plan your secret mission and decide who you’re going to beat to get in line and snag your bulletproof, empowering goodies.

What are you craving from this powerful collection? Tell us!

– Charu Suri

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