MAC Fashion Week Nail Trend by Jin Soon

MAC Cosmetics and renowned nail artist Jin Soon Choi joined forces to create a Fashion Week ready collection that’s pure lacquer delight for the nails.

MAC Nail Trends by Jin Soon

Jin Soon is a permanent fixture backstage at the tents, having worked with designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Derek Lam and Doo Ri.

MAC Fall Nail Trends by Jin Soon

This is her first ever brand collaboration, and the focus is on nail colors with a long lasting shine and creamy finish. There are six shades in the collection:

MAC fallnail-lacquer-underlacquer-72

Base/ Under Lacquer

MAC fallnail-naillacquer-beyondjealous-72

Beyond Jealous

MAC fallnail-naillacquer-cool-reserve-72

Cool Reserve

MAC fallnail-naillacquer-danceallnight-72

Dance All Night

MAC fallnail-naillacquer-drymartinie-72

Dry Martini

MAC fallnail-naillacquer-forfun-72

For Fun


Top Coat

MAC fallnail-naillacquer-richdarkdelicious-72

Rich Dark Delicious

The polishes will be available in North America on August 27th and will retail for $12 each.