MAC Liberty of London Lipstick Swatches

When I first saw the fabrics from Liberty of London, my heart skipped a beat. These prints — so pretty, so Alice in Wonderland and so flowery — reminded me of books that I had read in childhood, and loved: Enid Blyton (whom many of you won’t know because she’s a British author who seems to be the best kept secret since the Illuminati code), and of course, Lewis Carroll.

Everything about Liberty of London is so British — and yet, so universal. As I mentioned to you before, the packaging and the colors are really what got me in this collection. The packaging is so beyond cute: it’s Anna Sui, Hello Kitty cute. And it’s so hip that it makes me want to scream with joy!

Here, as I continue my MAC Liberty of London journey with you (and what a long, strange journey it promises to be), I’ve swatched two of the lipstick shades I love: Petals & Peacocks; and Blooming Lovely.

MAC Liberty of London Petals and Peacocks

MAC Liberty of London Petals and Peacocks

This pepto-bismol pink (Petals & Peacocks) really stood out (it looks GREAT on darker skins) and is quite prevalent in many of Liberty’s prints.

MAC Cosmetics Liberty of London Blooming Lovely

Blooming Lovely is a creamy greyed lilac mauve and I simply adore this shade (although, to be honest, I was a little hesitant at first. When I applied just one layer on my lips it looked as though they were ashen). You need at least a few coats of this shade, but it is so deliciously creamy that you could almost eat the lipstick. Thank god that your lips don’t get chapped with these.

MAC Liberty of London Blooming Lovely

Now this will seriously be a very difficult shade for anyone to pull off because it could make you look like you’re running to the Pride Parade – or be uber cool like Rihanna. But anything — and I’m saying ANYTHING rocks with gloss and confidence. Get what I’m saying?

Charu Suri