Makeup Flavor of the Day Review: Sephora by OPI 212- Sephora Nail Color

While browsing several of the chic nail lacquer shades at Sephora the other day, my eye caught sight of the glittery polishes by Sephora – right in time for the holiday.

Sephora by OPI- 212 Sephora Nail Color

One of these limited edition shades in the Sephora by OPI family was the chic color called 212, inspired by New York city’s dazzle. The bottle itself did not look particularly inviting (it was a dark glittery color that did not scream out “Light Cheery Holiday” as some of the other Sleigh of Hand colors).

Sephora by OPI- 212 Sephora Nail Color

Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora Nail Colour is a limited-edition shade that was created in celebration of the new Sephora 5 Times Square flagship store. It has undertones of black (ever New Yorker’s favorite color) and reminisces on the exclusive 212 area code.

This is only available online and at 5 Times Square and I cannot STOP obsessing about how amazing this color looks.