Monique Lhuillier Fall 2010 Backstage Beauty Fashion Week

The Chinese military inspired collection by Monique Lhuillier showcased taut, braided hair backstage, and a red, red matte lip with fiery red shiny nails.

The makeup was done by Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics; the hair by Rudi Lewis for Barex and the nails by CND.

Monique Lhullier Fall 2010

Makeup: Val Garland says, “the look is a very Lolita lip, lined with a red lip pencil, then stained with a crimson red lip pigment and then topped off with Apple Red Blush Powder.” The eyes have virtually no mascara and she applied a lilac Lip gloss in Romantic Rose as eye shadow. The cheeks were left bare to give the appearance of porcelain skin.

Hair: For Barex, Rudi Lewis went for a simple long braid on the top of the hair, with silk woven in all the way until the end. Then the braid was curled into a bun on top to resemble a chignon.

Monique Lhullier Fall 2010

Nails: CND did a killer red nail with two coats of a lacquer called Rouge Red. Then they applied an air dry top for a very shiny look.