Our Evening with Julianne Hough at "Proactiv" Event

There are some faces that absolutely mesmerize with their energy, positive vibe and glow factor. Julianne Hough, former Dancing with the Stars regular and country singer and actress paid a visit to New York City recently to talk about her skincare regimen, and her love affair with Proactiv.

The star’s adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniel was also there to greet us — and yes, he was pretty flawless in the fur baby department too.

Hough says she was affected quite considerably by acne, and she turned to Proactiv even before the brand tapped her as a spokesperson. “It’s been an incredible few years,” she says. Hough sticks rigorously to her twice a day regimen of Proactiv, and she has seen an enormous difference.

“You have to stick with it…it changed my life,” she says.

Julianne Hough at Proactiv Event in New York

Hough is also a big believer in the toning component of Proactiv, since many people tend to leave that step out of their routine. She started breaking out when she was doing Dancing with the Stars…amid all the stress in the middle of the show. When she was recommended Proactiv, she wasn’t expecting such instant, toaster oven type of results…but she did receive them pretty quickly.

Ladies, please note, that this girl is an optimist! There is something to be said for not completely stressing yourself out, regardless of what’s causing the breakout on your face.

Take a cue from this optimistic goddess: if you’re suffering from acne, try Proactiv. And if you’ve given it a shot, please let us know in the comments below if it worked for you. The regimen comes with two different types of cleanser (a Salicylic Acid based exfoliating cleanser, and a combination therapy using Benzoyle Peroxide). I must confess that when I was given a chance to try Proactiv, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it was more hype than substance. But now, after more than two weeks of trying the regimen like a faithful acolyte, I have to say I’m astonished at the results.

The regular strength Proactiv definitely is a little harsh for sensitive skins (but that’s why there’s a sensitive skin line). The ideal way to get rid of your blemishes is to tap into that three step cleansing/ toning/ moisturizing system every day. For best results, use the mask twice weekly.

I know Julianne Hough does!

Charu Suri

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