My New Haircut by Zahir Ziani of Red Door Spa!

Today turned out to be a MAYJOH day in every way: first a few fashion shows, then spending some time with my gorgeous gal pal Evie of the Product Pasha, then getting my hair prepped at the W Hotel’s Blogger Lounge, courtesy of Red Door Spa.

NEw Hair

Honestly I walked in expecting just a blowout, but then walked out with a serious haircut. Zahir Ziani, master stylist at the Red Door Spa took a look at my hair and said, “I see you with short, short hair.” Eeeps! I am totally not a short haired gal for fear of looking like I’m seventeen and getting carded at bars, but I totally gave in because he seemed…well, so CONFIDENT and all.

New Hair Red Door Spa Blogger Lounge

After an hour or so of snipping and lopping several inches of hair, he showed me this totally razzle dazzle look that made me purr like a kitten! Thank you Zahir!