Nail Lacquer Trends And Best Nail Polishes Of 2011

2011 has to be the year of the nail polish. We saw so many great shades and effects launch this year. Even with economy still struggling, we all found a way to head to the drug store or salon to haul one of life’s inexpensive pleasures.. a new nail color!

Nail Effects And Trends For 2011:

Nail Bling:

Sephora by OPI Nail Art Stickers

Sephora by OPI

Sephora by OPI: These latest installments of nail art decals border on the bling variety (think crystals and incredibly intrinsic designs). A true thumbs up to what we think is high-end nail art. Lady Gaga could easily wear some of them, and they’ll add so much sparkle and life to your outfit.

Minx For The Masses:

Sephora Chic Prints

OPI launched a “Chic Prints” line for Sephora for ladies who clamored for less expensive Minx options, so you can apply them at home — the concept of “Minx” for the masses is genius!

Cracked Nail Polish:

Review, Swatches: Duri Cosmetics Krakl Nail Color Collection Creates A Crackled Two Texture Finish

The new Duri Krakl finish polishes boast a “crackled and colorful two-texture” look They are designed to be used over another contrasting Duri color (but we used one of our own).

Nail Polishes Delivered To Your Door Step:

Julep Maven Nail Polish Enamel

For those that want to get the hottest nail shades shipped right to your home, you might want to check out Julep Nail. SIGN UP and use the code “BeautyStat” to get 50% off the first month.

Women Create Their Own Unique Nail Looks:

BeautyStat held it’s first nail polish competition this year and it clearly showed that our fans are super talented and creative.

BeautyStat's First Nail Polish Competition Finalists - Vote For Your Favorite Lacquer Now!

BeautyStat winner, Fishing For Beauty, says “I used the Base Coat: Seche Clear, Nail Lacquer: 10 Professional 458 Moonlight, 2 coats, Hand painted lace (ring finger & thumb): Sally Hansen French Manicure Natural White. Top Coat: Seche Vite”.

Best Nail Polishes Of 2011:

Now in order to pick the best nail polishes of 2011, we reached out to our resident nail expert, Brittany Thomas of

Here are her picks:

Chanel Mimosa Nail Lacquer

Chanel Mimosa could have been Summer 2011’s IT nail polish color. This gorgeous shade looks beautiful on all skin complexions and makes a perfect pedicure color.

Zoya Shay Touch Collection 2011

Zoya’s Touch was the ultimate ‘Business Professional’ collection. These three soft nude shades reach opaque finishes with only one coat making it perfect for busy women on the go.

sally hansen effects nail art strips

When it came to nail art, Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips were supreme in 2011. The wide array of designs, ease of use and longevity made these strips coveted by nail polish lovers everywhere.

So that wraps up our report of the best nail polishes and trends for 2011. So tell us, what’s your favorite nail trend or color for the year? Post a comment below to let us know.

– BeautyStat editorial staff

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