New Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm

It’s been a wild wild ride at the Carmex Lip Balm Labs since 1937, when Alfred Woelbing – the inventor of Carmex® Lip Balm – first experimented with lip hydration in his kitchen.

Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex Lip Balms

From pouring lip balms into iconic opal glasses to where Carmex is today is a mighty lesson in history. I for one am OBSESSED with Carmex. Almost as OBSESSED as I am with the quest for flawless skin and 24, Mad Men and my secret plot to start a ranch exclusively for Golden Retrievers. But, more about that later.


Why do I love Carmex so much? It keeps chapped lips and cold sores at bay. It’s as inexpensive as a cup of Starbucks latte in the state of Kansas. It has several yummy flavors and comes in various dispensing methods – from tubes to tubs. Honestly, what’s not to love?

In 1988, Carmex Lip Balm said hello to the world in the form of squeezable tubes (this was the first revolutionary packaging change in 50 years. In 1999 the Chapstick applicator was born with SPF 15. In 2002 flavor became a punchline in the Carmex Lip Balm labs with “mint” sticks joining the regulars. In 2006, the Carmex flavors Strawberry and Cherry said hello to the world, by popular vote. In 2008 the first new product line in more than 70 years was introduced – the Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm.

This premium offering has this convenient slant-tip silver applicator.

Carmex Products That I Love

Original Carmex

The Original Carmex Jar and the Cherry Carmex Jar are as retro as the Model T but so darn functional. There are two jars on my nightstand and I swear my husband’s been stealing some (he pleads he didn’t inhale).

Original Carmex Tube

The Original Carmex Tube is what I have in my pocketbook (okay, okay in the interest of full disclosure I actually have several versions including the Strawberry and Cherry flavors). I really love it that a little bit not only keeps my lip tingling like sleigh bells (remember that line, “Just hear those sleigh bells ringaling, jingling, tinagling too?”) but has SPF 15.

Carmex Click Sticks

I love the Carmex Click Sticks in strawberry and mint and I ADORE BEYOND ICONIC STATUS the Moisture Plus sticks with the slanted tip because it’s so easy to use. I would say the formulations of Carmex Lip Balms keep getting better with each version because I found the Moisture Plus sticks glide like velvet on my lips.

Carmex Moisture Plus

In short: Love. True Love.