New Mark Winksticks for Fall 2009

Wink, wink the new Winksticks (eyeshadow sticks) from Mark are here and we took three shades home to try:

Mark Winkstick Eyeshadow in Coy


Mark Winkstick Eyeshadow in Moody


Mark Winkstick Eyeshadow in Heartfelt


Out of the three, the one with the most pigment is Moody, which leaves a faint shimmer of a greyish – blue shadow that is subtle and elegant.

I will say that these eyeshadow sticks are not the most heavily pigmented, which is a drawback for darker skins like mine. They are good for pale skins who want a touch of shimmer but I was disappointed with the color since they looked so adorable in the tubes.

Moody is a good color, but the rest didn’t really show up on my skin — a pity. For darker skins, my perennial love will always be Revlon Matte Eyeshadow.

$5.50 at Mark.