Review: New Strivectin-SD: Bye, Bye Stretch Marks & Wrinkles

For as long as we can remember, women have wanted to banish stretch marks and wrinkles with a puff of smoke like Merlin. Which of us hasn’t looked in the mirror, and wished there was some handy Turn Back the Clock button next to it?

Now Strivectin-SD gives us intensive concentrates for both stretch marks and wrinkles. The three products in the SD line are Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles ($135), Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles ($59), and an Instant Retexurizing Scrub ($45).

You’re probably wondering, so what’s so new about this trio?

Clinical trial results are rock solid (20% decrease in fine line and wrinkles), and skin texture improved by a whopping 100%. How many products have you used that did this?

The products’ core has NIA-114, which has an incredible 30-year research story behind it. Combine this ingredient with peptides found in the original StriVectin formula and powerful actives, and you have a formula that can actually turn back the clock.

We tried the Eye Concentrate for wrinkles and were very pleased at how thick yet weightless it was; it melted over our dark circles and the overnight results were very evident: the raccoon effect had disappeared!

Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of says, “Wrinkles and stretch marks are big consumer needs. This product addresses both of those concerns in under 12 weeks. This dual-benefit product is very unique and a great value to consumers.”

The formula contains your hard working ingredients of ceramides, and antioxidants (resveratrol, swiss cress sprouts, apple stem cells), added to a pool of effective botanicals.

In short, we’re hooked.

Charu Suri