Nina Ricci's Latest Scent: Le Paradis De Nina

Nina Ricci’s newest is Le Paradis de Nina, a limited edition scent based on the aroma of French madeleine cakes. This new scent is a re-interpretation of the original Nina by Nina Ricci, and has been given new ingredients by perfumers Marie Salamagne and Olivier Cresp.

Le Paradis de Nina starts with a bit of citrus then heads into the almond blossom note very quickly. This smells more soft bakery almond than blossom . After the almond blossom, the apple candy note comes in , and the citrus in the form of mandarin is still there. By the drydown I smell a tiny bit of light woods and vanilla. There isn’t much floral here, it is mainly a sweet gourmand and also is fairly linear. What you smell at the beginning isn’t too far from what the final drydown is . The sillage is good and it lasts well.

One of the more charming aspects here is the packaging. Instead of a box it comes in a tin. The tin is quite cute and makes a great gift presentation as well as a nice spot to store bits and bobs after you’ve unwrapped and used the fragrance.

As mentioned earlier Le Paradis de Nina is a limited edition and only available at Macys. A 1.7 oz bottle is $ 56.00.

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By Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist