Octomom to get $20K to Wash Her Hair Color Away

We live in an age of Desperate Housewives.

There are many extremes people would go to for money: just ask Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom). Known for her many children and not so much for her smart choices, the mother of 14 has been offered $20,000 from Clips4Sale.com to have her hairstyle washed on camera for 30 minutes.

Octomom to get $20K to Wash Her Hair Color Away

Not too long ago, Suleman tried selling practically all of her belongings in a garage sale to pay $7, 500 in back mortgage payments (not including the $450,000 in debt she also owes). Now with this opportunity she could find out how to remove late payments from credit report and possibly get back on track. According to TotalBeauty.com, Clips4Sale contacted Suleman after learning of her financial troubles and propositioned her to be bound to a chair and participate in 30 minutes “of having her hair washed and 30 minutes of tickling.” It’s called “tickle torture” because you are bound to a chair.

Suleman may have to act quickly with her decision, because the agent who holds the deed to her Orange County home told the press on October 9, 2010 that she could be subject to eviction if the money does not arrive within a few days. The 35 year-old mother of 14 has been known for her plastic surgery exploits to look like her idol Angelina Jolie and has made it clear that she will do anything to keep her name in the headlines.

Although having her hairstyle washed for 30 minutes would prove to be an easy task, we want to know –do you think that it’s a little extreme to offer $20K for such a clear publicity stunt? Do you think this would benefit the Octomom?

Allison McKenna

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