Oscar 2010 Beauty Trend Predictions

Tonight, a la the Black Eyed Peas, is gonna be a good night. But the makeup trends create the faces that “launch a thousand movie tickets.” Here are what the celebrity makeup artists are saying about trends and looks for the Oscar 2010 Beauty trends tonight.

Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side

Oscar 2010 Beauty Trend Prediction #1: Classic Beauty and Old Hollywood Style Glamour

Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine says, “I think the most popular/prominent look on the red carpet this year will be classic beauty statements. If we see color, it will be blush tones and soft roses instead of deep shades of red or vibrant shadow statements. I think this beauty speaks directly to the recession and reflects a more subtle beauty that many women can relate to.”

Anna Hendricks at SAG Awards 2010

Anna Hendricks at the 2010 SAG Awards

Brett Freedman (celebrity makeup artist to Vanessa Hudgens, Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire, Emily Blunt, Sienna Miller, and Jessica Lucas) thinks we will see Old Hollywood glamor with lots of edge. He predicts paler lips, and lots of eye liquid liner. There won’t be too much tan, and “dewiness for the body will take center stage, with a more subtle look.”

Freedman thinks the eyes will be about lashes and liner, and not really about a “smoky eye.” “I’m thinking Sandra Bullock will buck the trend, I predict a dramatic eye and pale lip. Hair up and with a mix of structured and unstructured waves. She’ll want to have a touch of edge and sex appeal.”

Oscar 2010 Beauty Trend Predicton #2: Heavy Eye Makeup/ False Lashes

Hellen Mirren at Rome Film Festival for Last Station

Hellen Mirren at the Rome Film Festival for “The Last Station”

Christina Smith, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Julia Roberts, Giselle Bundchen, Reese Witherspoon, Helen Mirren, Jane Krakowski, predicts heavy eye makeup. “False lashes will be in full force,” she says.

Oscar 2010 Beauty Trend Prediction # 3: Pretty and Feminine Hair

According to Stylesight’s New York Trend Director, Andrea Praet, “For hair, expect to see pretty, feminine loose styles continuing. For eyes, expect to see subdued metallics, in shades of pewter and lavender, with accents of shimmering white that highlight the brow and cheek bone.”

Lauren Bacall

Anthony Dickey, creator of the line Hair Rules, says, “People think that Hollywood and the Oscars are synonymous with glamor, recession or not, and we’ll all be watching to see how this plays out on this year’s red carpet. I think that a lot of what you will see on the likes of Sandra Bullock and Julianne Moore will be looks taken right off the runways of Dior and Oscar de la Renta. I predict lots of Lauren Bacall inspired shapes – upsweeps, glamorous period looks that are touchable, not hard or stiff. If I’m right, it means a lot of styles that can be worn by all women off the red carpet, which is great.

Charu Suri