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Perfume Review: Raymond Matts Aura de Parfum Collection From's Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips

The new collection of fragrances by Visionary Fragrance Designer, Raymond Matts, Aura de Parfum, captures the nuances of lovely impressionist watercolors – a palette of abstract fragrances that are subtle, fresh, vibrant and sparkling. Inspired by nature – blue skies, transparent tropical seas and vegetation, this collection of fragrances is unique and imaginative. Each is surprising and unusual that brings a smile to the wearer.

scent Perfume Review: Raymond Matts Aura de Parfum Collection From's Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips

The names of the fragrances are abstract, imitating sounds and objects, and are not confined to typical descriptive adjectives. Each is mysterious and onomatopoeic – and keeps people guessing with each sniff.

The Collection of Aura de Parfum comes in 200ml spray at $200 SRP and available at and

MaidayRaymond Matts named this and is his tribute to the concept of marriage, the purity of love, intimacy, soft whites, beiges, taupes, ivory.

KaiweThe huge arc of a blue-green wave, stretching, arching but never folding. The rush of foam meets shaded aqua.

PashayStrength, a dagger of olfactory confidence. A leader with insight into many ideas. A spiritualist of twilight.

SunahThe repeated sssss-unah an undulating pulse, slow, sensual. A beauty with no ego.

TulileThe teaser, the charmer who winks and makes you smile when you least expect it.

Tsilinga high and low note that sparkles. The glint of something so incredible that is moving that catches the eye.

JarroThe distant rumble of slow sensuality. Bare feet on rough woven fabric, unusually alluring that intrigues, haunts, excites.

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Fragrance Designer, Raymond Matts has a rich history in the fragrance industry.

He was the force behind many groundbreaking scents that involved rare and unique combinations of ingredients, which has garnered success and recognition in the global fragrance market.

Matts, a fragrance visionary who understands not only how a perfumer creates from scratch but also who the consumer is and their great desire for change, for something emotionally provocative, that is not found on perfumery shelves today.

For close to thirty years, Raymond Matts, Founder of Raymond Matts LLC., has experienced and studied the multiple facets of the fragrance industry. Matts has held a range of positions covering all segments of the business.

From his humble beginnings at the Aramis counter in Brooklyn, his career eventually led to working for prestigious flavor & fragrance houses, Firmenich, IFF, in fragrance development that involved liaising with perfumers, salespeople, and clients.

The Aura de Parfum collection reflects simple elegant fragrant brushstrokes and complexity without being heavy-handed. Watery, transparent yet refined, the collection offers a new wardrobe of fragrances perfect for all occasions – for men and women.

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