Powder Power

Even if geologists predicted the mineral content of the Earth would dwindle by the year 2010, mineral makeup fanatics would find a way to stock up.We’re crazy about mineral makeup, which is as old as the Little Black Dress or Lauren Hutton in the glossies, but there are some recent products we’ve been intrigued by.

The new Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals Renew & Reveal Cleanser is interesting as a four-leaf clover. Made with minerals, this powder-based dry cleanser needs a drop or two of water to get going. You slather it on your face and it’s gentler than snow. It’s not an exfoliating powerhouse, but it is suitable for very sensitive skin.

Tip: Use as little water as possible. Apart from conserving earth’s most precious resource, the strategy will give you a thick dry paste that you can liberally slather onto your skin.

It’s filled with antioxidants and soothing botanicals and the best part is that your skin feels really clean without feeling as dry as the Atacama Desert.

Hey, and the TSA at the airport can’t confiscate this because it’s powder.

The non explosive kind, of course. www.bareescentuals.com