Powders Are Not Passe: Best Body Powders for Last Days of Summer 2011

Dusting powder in the hot weather is a balm for skin. It refreshes, cools, soothes and lightly scents. It’s something I am almost never without in summer and one of those products that I tend to stockpile in a large range of fragrances. While not always the easiest product to find, I’ve helped your shopping by rounding up some of my favorites. There are so many fragrances to be had coming in shake top canisters, decorative boudoir jars and more. You can also look to see if your favorite perfume has a corresponding powder. Many do including the always chic Chanel.

LUSH Silky Underwear Body Powder


LUSH Silky Underwear is one of their classic products. Minimal packaging houses this very soft jasmine and vetiver scented powder that has an almost creamy feel a due to the fair trade cocoa butter in there. Cornstarch is used here in place of talc. Other LUSH powders include Honey Beehave and Vanilla. $ 11.95 www.lushusa.com

Caswell Lilac Body Powder

This All American New England based company has a wide variety of fragrances including Honeysuckle and Sandalwood in their powders which come in shaker top metal containers. As much as I adore the decorative-ness of jars, these shaker types are my favorites as they are easiest to use. A special mention here goes to the Lilac powder. Lilac in any scent form is hard to come by and the powder version here is beautiful. $ 14.00 https://www.caswellmassey.com/

Oscar de la Renta NordstromAnniversary_giftset (2)

Oscar de la Renta:

Once upon a time most everyone either had a bottle of Oscar de la Renta’s floral perfume or their best friend did. After awhile away from the market, Oscar is back with another beautiful floral scent with a hint of spice and this time it comes in a gorgeous powder jar that just begs to be displayed. Currently on sale at Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, it is part of a larger set that includes the EDT as well for $ 75.00 during the sale. www.nordstrom.com

Crabtree and Evelyn Iris Body Powder

Crabtree and Evelyn:

One of the first powders I ever bought was one of theirs in the still available Rosewater scent. They have a small assortment in metal shakers or elegant dusting powder boxes which are talc free instead using cornstarch, oat kernel flour and silk powder. Fragrances include Lavender, Summer Hill and Iris. Yes, Iris in a powder. It smells divine, a little sweeter than the Iris in most perfumes but still having that earthy, dry quality of the iris note.$ 18.00- $ 22.00 www.crabtree-evelyn.com/store

Penhaligons powder


One of the most revered a British brand that also happens to be available on our shores. They make a powder in several of their signature scents like the quintessentially English earthy floral (and rumored to be a favorite of Princess Diana and Kate Moss) Bluebell. $ 30.00 www.penhaligons.com

So, are you a powder kind of gal? Have you ever used powder? Drop us a comment below.

Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist

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