(Preview) Dior Fall 2011 Makeup Collection "Blue Tie"

“Black Tie” events are so passe. Now it’s time to put on your “Blue Tie” baby, and be ready to dance the night away this fall. Dior creates a palette and nail lacquers that give you both the playful mixture of masculine and feminine sides.

It’s Celine Dion and Madonna. It’s a woman dressed in a tuxedo. It’s stilettos paired with a tie. Honestly, we can’t think of a single woman who wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing navy blue. It works for the color spectrum, babes.

Dior Fall 2011 Blue Tie collection

The compact will let you create a deep navy and smoky eye, touched with bits of white and silver. Nails gleam with dark blue and beige hues. Lips blush with a hint of pink or rosy beige. It’s modern and edgy.

Christian Dior says, “Navy Blue is the only color which can EVER compete with black.”
So with that being said, is Navy blue the new black? This collection brings back the old days of elegance, men dressed in smoking jackets, sipping a vintage scotch in hushed hallways and a certain ambiance that speaks of refinement.

The piece du resistance is an ultra glamorous silver clutch. A metal palette featuring four shades of Dior eye shadow to create a sophisticated navy eye. A nude lip gloss is also paired with this set in a little hidden compartment, along with an inside mirror and two double tipped applicators ($70).

The Blue Tie Collection includes:

DiorBlush in Vintage Pink #839 (Not Sephora) ($42.00)
DiorBlush in Pink in Love #889 ($42.00)
Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Angelique Beige #314 (Not Sephora) ($32.00)
Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Pisanelle Pink #428 ($32.00)
Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Tourbillon Pink #651 ($32.00)
Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Allegro Pink #741 (Not Sephora) ($32.00)
Dior Vernis in Safari Beige #219 (Not Sephora) ($22.00)
Dior Vernis in Tuxedo #908 ($22.00)
Dior Vernis in Blue Denim #607 ($22.00)

This collection hits counters in the fall 2011 and online at Dior.com. To compare and contrast it to Dior’s spring look, which is all about grays (Gris Montaigne).

-Elaine Hamilton