(Preview) MAC Introduces MAC Me Over Collection for Fall 2011

Collection debuts August 25, 2011 and runs through September 2011.

Kudos to M.A.C. for gracing their three-part Fall 2011 collection with six unknown talents — each of them selected for their style, heart, soul and talent. M.A.C. Me Over! includes classics, a nude and pink collection, and new limited-life shades (one bold, and one pastel).

Here are the faces of M.A.C. Fall 2011: five gorgeous ladies and one gorgeous guy!

Ian Marc Saisselin: 20

The closest Connecticut resident Ian Marc Saisselin, 20, ever came to wearing makeup would be as a toddler, when he gained some experience with the world of NYC editorial and commercial photo shoots via the occasional jobs he picked up as a child model with Ford. That all changed when he became a new face for M·A·C Me Over after his mother and sister, both M·A·C enthusiasts, encouraged him to enter. Subsequently, he has developed a new appreciation for the art form:

“I never realized how much the face is like a canvas,” he admits. “It was really interesting to see how the colours and textures come together to create a certain look.” Recent high school graduate and self-described “computer geek,” the new college student is more comfortable with computer games and building robots than lipsticks and mascaras. Still, that didn’t stop him from wearing his makeover, what he calls a “sort of dark, vampiric David Bowie kind of look” out on the streets of New York on the afternoon following the shoot. “People were definitely starting at me, though it was unclear

whether they thought I was a rock star or just a freak,” he says. Another lesson he learned about a full face of cameraready makeup? “It’s hard to get that stuff off. I must have used at least 20 remover wipes!”

Nicole DiCrescenza, 20

Nicole DiCrescenza, 20, is one tough chick. The sometimes model and straight-A Communications and Journalism major at Neumann University in Aston, Pennsylvania has an unlikely hobby for such a makeup-loving glamazon: One day she tagged

along with her boyfriend to a shooting range and discovered that she was a perfect shot. “I love shooting guns! I collect shotguns and rifles, among other firearms,” she confesses. If that doesn’t make her enough of a badass, she also drives a

huge baby blue ‘81 Oldsmobile Regency that she named Belladonna. “My dad likes that I am protected by this majorly heavy steel,” she explains. She claims that winning a spot in M·A·C Me Over! means she can die happy. “I’m not kidding,” she says. “My absolute goal in life was to model for M·A·C. It is literally a dream come true.” After her makeover experience, which she deemed “transformative,” now she’s focused on her ideal job, which is to work in public relations for the company someday.

Shirley Daley

Cleveland native Shirley Daley has a truly inspirational story. The 29-year-old grew up in foster care and was abused at the age of four. “But I’m a survivor!”, she insists. When she was six, her new foster mother saw that she had talent, and encouraged her to sing in church. Later she enrolled in the Cleveland School of the Arts, which she attended from elementary until graduation. As a classically trained vocalist, she was accepted into Morgan State University, where she toured the world with the school’s choir. “My number one favorite place is Paris, it just oozed glamour!” Later she joined Group Therapy, a gospel-influenced troupe that performed as background singers and for various BET programs in San Diego, California. She now lives in Newport News, Virginia and is married to a Naval Petty Officer 1st Class and meteorologist, but still works with Group Therapy, who just recorded an album to be released later this year. A self-described “M·A·C fanatic,” the makeup junkie almost missed the opportunity to enter the makeover contest. “My friend forwarded me the email assuming I’d already applied, but I actually had no idea that the contest was going on.”

Shirley made sure she wrote in, and before she knew it, found herself flying to New York for the photo shoot. “I’m a girly-girl, I love to dress up, I love the drama of it and trying all kinds of different glam looks. Obviously, makeup fits right in, and when it comes to M·A·C, it doesn’t get any more dramatic than that!” Currently, she’s pursuing a degree in the music business so she will be better equipped to manage her own career.

Rachel Martinez, 27

Rachel Martinez is your typical West Coast gal. The 27-year-old L.A. born-and-bred beauty loves hanging at the beach, and cites the “great weather and laid-back attitude” among her favourite aspects of living in Southern California. Perhaps it was the restrictions of her all-girls, Catholic school upbringing that propelled her toward the world of makeup artistry. “In high school my makeup was pretty modest,” she admits. “Only after I graduated did I start getting into it.” The pastry chef also acknowledges that her interest in baking coincides with beauty as well. “It’s a similar passion,” she explains. “With makeup, there are so many different colours and looks and if you add or take away a product you can create something different. Same with cooking, where you take one ingredient and you could make a whole new dish.” Flying to New York for M·A·C Me Over! made her recall her all-time favourite movie makeover, when tomboy cop Sandra Bullock becomes an overnight beauty queen in the movie, Miss Congeniality. “They gave me this bold red lip look and now I have been rocking one ever since.”

Sharon Marcus

Reference librarian and Rockville, Maryland native Sharon Marcus surprised herself when she entered the M·A·C Me Over! contest. Hardly a beauty junkie, she says “I don’t really wear tons of makeup, and I quit dyeing my hair a few years ago. I sent in my photo on a lark.” Still, the 59-year-old isn’t a total novice. Growing up in the late ‘50s and ‘60s, “I was very thin and identified with models like Twiggy. I guess I was inspired to start playing around with makeup then.” She claims that she never thought about aging until she turned 50, when she started to become more conscious of it. “But then I went to my 30th Peary High School reunion and looked around and thought, ‘Hey, we don’t look so bad.’ That’s when I realized that I may be getting older, but I’ve also become more confident.” Besides her weekly belly-dancing class and maintaining a “childlike curiosity about the world” at all times, she swears by the following fountains of youth: “Stay out of the sun, too much alcohol will age you so be moderate, and don’t sleep on your stomach because it smooshes your face into the pillow and can cause wrinkles!”

Xee Lo, 27

Twenty-seven-year-old Xee Lo might never have discovered her love for makeup artistry had her little sister not dragged her along to a M·A·C counter for a makeup lesson a few years ago. “Ever since then, I started buying lots of M·A·C products and wearing a lot more makeup!”, she laughs. Growing up in Stockton, California, where she worked in restaurants after the school day, didn’t leave a lot of time for extracurricular pursuits. The power of cosmetics was an outlet. “When I wear makeup, it makes me feel a lot more confident. It’s truly an art form, like painting.” Currently going to school in Georgia in order to obtain a nursing degree – “It makes sense, I have four brothers and three sisters, so I have always been taking care of people,” she explains – she entered M·A·C Me Over on a whim. When she was notified that she had won by email,she thought someone was playing a joke on her, and deleted it. “Luckily, they got in touch again,” she says. Though she’s always maintained a fairly natural look, post-M·A·C Me Over! she’s feeling a little more experimental. “I’m definitely playing with colour more these days!”

The Collection Includes:


Creamy Bisque Dirty ivory with pearl (Frost)

Moleskin Nude brown (Matte)

Outré Dirty mustard (Matte)

Satin Taupe Taupe with silver shimmer (Frost)

Mythical Frosty coppery red (VXP)

Carbonized Frosty dark brown (VXP)

EYE KOHL ($15)

Teddy Intense bronze

Smolder Intense black

LIPSTICK ($14.50)

Secret Lover

Pale pink with yellow frost (Lustre)


Neutral peach (Satin)

Offshoot Mid-tone neutral pink (Cremesheen)

Oh, Oh, Oh

Plum bronze with pearl (Lustre)


Take Root Rich red brown (Frost)

Seaside Soft peach rose (Frost)


Equilibrium Light bronze (Satin)

Stunner Light coral pink (Satin)

LIPGLASS ($14.50)

Illicit Creamy neutral pink

Social Light

Neutral pink with pearl

Curvaceous Light grey pink

Plum Fun

Neutral plum purple with pearl


Spice Pink cinnamon stick

Chestnut Intense brown





116 Blush Brush ($34)

190 Foundation Brush ($32)

Tell us which of these looks you most identify with, in the comments section below. To glance at MAC’s new Colourizations, click here.

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