Prive Concept Vert is Shear Genius

One of my favorite movie moments is when Stanley Tucci meets Anne Hathaway for a “makeover” in The Devil Wears Prada. “And then we have to get you over to hair and makeup,” he says, “and lord knows how long THAT will take.”

Well with Prive’s new Concept Vert line, it wouldn’t take too long!

Enriched with Amazing acai and babassu oil is Prive’s latest gold standard: the Concept Vert. Of course, it’s all about being green – complete with eco design of the Prive bottles and sulfate, paraben-free ingredients.

Prive Concept Vert

The result is a surprisingly rich, endless lather (a dime size can give you more than ten dollars’ worth) and a terrific aroma that you’ll want to revisit again and again. Prive Concept Vert’s patented air powered technology provides twice as many washes as traditional shampoo.

I went to the New York Prive Salon to get a lovely wash and haircut with Aaron (picture with me post haircut):

Aaron cut and styled my long hair into beautiful, breathable layers and I ended up looking like Hathaway did after her makeover. “The great thing about Prive Concept Vert is that you can really use it on color treated, permed, straightened or relaxed hair,” he says.

Sulfates, as you know, can damage a good keratin treatment or relaxed hair. But Prive’s new products are both gentle and good for the hair and scalp. Plus you can bring the cans back to ANY salon where Prive Concept Vert is sold (nationwide!) so there is zero carbon footprint. The salon will send the can to the manufacturer for refill.

I just love this shampoo and conditioner and I can’t rave about it enough! Finish your look with the Shining Weightless Amplifier and the Finishing Texture Spray.

Yes, you can totally impress Ms. Miranda Priestly with this revolutionary line.