Q-Tips Get a Vanity Pack Makeover

Q-Tips Vanity Pack

The suspect: Your regular, plain Jane Q-tips that helped you through the years when you most needed better hearing.

The challenge: Make Q-Tips sexier and beautiful.

The solution?: The new Q-Tips Vanity Packs. They make cotton swabs look and feel sexy (they’re the Vogue version of cotton swabs). We don’t know how they did it…

I’m loving the designs that look both colorful and motif-like at the same time. Shown here are the different sides of the SAME orange box.

Q-Tips Vanity pack

My Favorite Beauty Uses for Q-Tips

1. Use them to test lipgloss in Sephora, of course. You can also use these to apply lipstick to your pout (the swabs make it easier to erase messes around your lips).

2. Use them to clean out your older makeup items, like makeup kits and eyeshadow pans.

3. Use them to apply liquid eyeliner if you want a thicker version of the typical thin tip.

4. They are perfect when applying teeth whitener like the Go smile ampoules.

Now you can get a pack that you’ll be proud to display everywhere: on your dresser and the bathroom! The Q-Tips Vanity Packs retail at drugstores nationwide. They come on other beautiful colors and designs too.