Reasons to Ditch the Tanning Bed, with tips from Dr. Michael Gold

With the new season of Jersey Shore in full swing, you may be lusting after a deep tan (not necessarily Snooki’s Situation effect, but close), but the tanning bed is not your friend according to board certified dermatologist/dermasurgeon Dr. Michael Gold. The founder of Gold Skincare Center gives us reasons why you should shy away from this tempting solution.


Q: In regards to using tanning beds, why can just one tanning session be harmful?

Dr. Gold: There are no safe tanning beds and tanning beds emit mainly UVA light which we know is associated with an increase in skin damage, and in increasing the risks of skin malignancy over time – so even one time in the tanning bed increases this risk which should not be important in the bigger life schemes for people.

Q. What can people do instead of using tanning beds?

A: Spray tans are one option – but we need to remember that there is no sun protection here – so you need to be careful outside. If you are going to the beach or going to be outside, sunscreen – and repeated use, is the best you can do. You will still actually get some sun from using sunscreens and being under an umbrella at the beach – there are a lot of reflected light – so you need to be careful, and reapply that sunscreen.

Q: Do you think Snooki from The Jersey Shore is creating an unhealthy image for America? Why or why not?

A: It is a terrible sign for the young – we have been promoting sun avoidance and the use of sunscreens for years and have demonstrated the effects of sun on long term skin and in developing skin cancers. We have also witnessed the “stars” of the 60’s and 70’s who now look weather-beaten and drawn – and that most “stars” of today are white-skinned – that is what we want and that is actually healthy.

Q: What are your recommendations on achieving a darker, deeper tan the safe way, especially in winter?

Spray tan – with a reliable dealer or skin care provider.

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Dr. Michael Gold

To check out BeautyStat’s recommendations to achieve a healthy, believable color without resorting to the tanning bed, click here. And tell us, are you a tanning bed junkie? Why or why not?

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