Red, White, & Blue: Makeup that Reflects America

We never get tired of talking politics in America, so as a tribute to the aftermath of the election, we’re all over these beautiful red, white and blue finds.

If you don’t wear red or blue on our lapels, or as brooches or hair accessories, express yourself through makeup. Whichever color you’re rooting for (we’re not politically nosy), wear them with pride!

DuWop Private Red:

I’ve never seen a red lipstick actually CHANGE color, chameleon-style and morph into a personal, private red, but this bird claims to do exactly that. We know everyone’s version and state of red mind is different, so why not wear this and discover yourself in the process?

$22 at

Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss:

If you’re uncertain which political side of the fence you’re leaning on, go for the clear.

This lip gloss is not tacky (tacky wouldn’t be America), and the texture gives your lips great shine. Besides, we can’t think of any other brand that says America more than Bobbi Brown.

$17 at

YSL Ombres Lumieres 5 Color Harmony for the Eyes

Wear your best blue eyeshadow (this palette contains so many variations of blue, from the light aqua shimmer variety to the matte navy blue) if you’re Left Wing. We know this palette is made by the French, but we know they love their blue too. You can’t go wrong with such freedom of expression.

$56 at

Charu Suri

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