Redken Color Extend Sun Solar Screen Spray SPF 12 Strengthens, Protects Sun Damaged Hair

The fair-skinned English knew a thing or two about protecting their skin in the summertime when they carried parasols as religiously as Lindsay Lohan wears leggings. Well, luckily, we’ve heard of SPF, right?

In this amazingly techno-beauty age where sunscreens now come in the form of soaps and spritzers, leaving the house without some form of UVA/UVB protection is no longer acceptable. Especially if you’re freckled with skin a la Julianne Moore or even the lassie Lindsay — and even if you have skin as dark and mocha pretty as Halle Berry’s, don’t leave home without that SPF.

Especially for your hair.

Which brings me to a very timely and laudable launch by REDKEN called “Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12.” It’s a lightweight, leave-in serum that strengthens and protects sun damaged and flustered hair. It’s particularly recommended for people who have side/middle and fringe parts.

This Redken Sun Solar Screen with SPF is a great lightweight oil that you apply to your exposed scalp and hair to prevent burning and peeling. When you apply it, the hair becomes coated with UV filters, and the company’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System deliver nutrients like Ceramide (that strengthen), and Mango Oil (that hydrates).

How do you use this marvelous orange bottle? Spray onto damp hair or dry hair a half hour before you skip out into the sun. $16 at or Redken salons.