Review, 3, Style, Tips, To, #SaveTheUndies, With, NEW, U, By, Kotex, 3D, Capture, Core, Protection

Review: 3 Style Tips To #SaveTheUndies With NEW! U By Kotex 3D Capture Core Protection!

Review: 3 Style Tips To #SaveTheUndies With NEW! U By Kotex 3D Capture Core Protection!

U by Kotex is here to help get you summer ready with a few quick steps to ensure that your undies are up to par for each of your carefully curated summer styles. Did you know that every year 91% of women lose a pair of undies to failed period protection?

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Review: 3 Style Tips To #SaveTheUndies With NEW! U By Kotex 3D Capture Core Protection!

NEW! U by Kotex wants to help you #SavetheUndies by making sure your undies are not another casualty of failed period care! They’ve introduced a new dimension of feminine care protection — 3D Capture Core — to all of their Ultra Thin pads. 3D Capture Core is a one-of-a-kind center that helps lock away wetness to help stop leaks, giving the brand’s millions of loyal consumers, and all women, access to the premium feminine care experience they deserve.

Step One: Be Picky

Just like you would pair different jewelry with each outfit, you should be pairing different undies with each outfit, so we’ve broken down the different types. We’ve even included a style tip for the easiest undies experience.

Thong: Avoid VPL (Visible Panty Lines) with this discreet style that can be worn under anything.
STYLE TIP – Lace and seamless style thongs are best for ultra tight-fitting clothes.

G-String: Another option to avoid VPL (Visible Panty Lines) with less coverage than a thong with string sides.
STYLE TIP – This is the go to item for models and celebrities when they want to look like they’re not wearing anything.

Bikini: The comfortable choice for every day. Easy to wear under jeans, skirts and to bed.
STYLE TIP – It’s best to get two pairs that match with your favorite bra styles.

Boyshort: A daily option for those seeking more coverage under skirts or dresses.
STYLE TIP – Wear this style as a sweet and sexy alternative to pajama bottoms.

Hotpant: A flirtier option for daily wear, this cheek-exposing style cuts higher in the back than a boyshort.
STYLE TIP – These make for a sexy option under dresses and jeans.

Step Two: Keeping up with appearances

Make sure you are cleaning and protecting your items so they stay in the best condition. Here are some tips to keep your undies in their best shape:

– The best method for all undergarments is hand-washing
– Wash bras after two wears
– Use a detergent that does not contain chlorine, perbonate or bleach
– Avoid washing intimates with towels or other stretch fabrics
– Never put underwire or metal in the dryer

Step Three: Break Up with the bad

Now that you know how to take care of your undies, get rid of those that are past their prime! While proper care will help keep your intimates beautiful for many wears to come, they still won’t last past their prime. It’s important to refresh your intimate wardrobe often. Stock up on new panties every six to eight months. Since they are washed more frequently than other clothing, it is necessary to replace them the moment you start to see wear and tear.

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