Review: $50 Treatments at Spa Catchi for Spa Week 2011 (April 11-17th)

National Spa Week is here, from April 11-17th, and this an excellent opportunity for you to pamper yourself or your loved ones with a $50 treatment.

There are some excellent options available around the country, so why not take the time to find the spas in your area?

If you’re in New York City, we recommend the excellent services offered by Spa Catchi, a beautiful three-story town home that not only offers mani/pedi and regular spa and massage services, but hair treatments as well in their salon.

Situated adjacent to another town home that houses the Lexington Plastic Surgeons on 113-115 East 39th Street, Spa Catchi is a place where celebrities and consumers go to because it offers just about everything, from plastic surgery services (including Botox), a full-service spa with several treatment rooms, as well as a bed and breakfast.You can also take kick boxing classes there, yoga classes and consult with a nutritionist, so this is a full “beauty from the outside and the inside” spa approach — a rare find indeed.

Spa Catchi Bed and Breakfast

A Bed & Breakfast room at Spa Catchi

Yes, a bed and breakfast. This goes over particularly well with those who have had plastic surgery treatments and want to rest there overnight without traveling too far. The rooms are beautifully furnished and come with a small kitchenette. Breakfast is available upon request.

The treatment I received was the Catchi Signature Pedicure & Manicure, typically priced at $90. For Spa Week, you can receive the same for $50. The manicure was thorough, and extremely pleasant.

When you enter, you’ll be warmly welcomed and received. Take a look at the two lovely ladies who gave me the mani/pedi:

Spa Catchi New York City

Meet my manicurist/ pedicurist

If you don’t bring your own nail polish, they will offer you suitcases filled with every Zoya Nail Lacquer imaginable, which leads me to believe they have excellent taste:

Zoya Nail Lacquers at Spa Catchi

A suitcase filled with Zoya Nail Lacquers is available for your selection

I brought a nail lacquer by Farouk Systems with me, in the shade Texas Red Hot Chili, and after a deliciously long and indulgent manicure that lasted about 45 minutes, I was left with perfectly shaped and painted digits:

Spa Catchi Manicure

My manicure in Texas Red Hot Chili by Farouk Systems

The signature pedicure is done Brazilian style, which means extra care is paid attention to calluses and dry skin. You’ll receive an excellent upper body massage after the treatment as well, all included with the $50 price tag.

Signature Pedicure at Spa Catchi

My Signature Pedicure with the color “Check out the Venus Goddess” by Farouk Systems

I interviewed Kathleen Trigg, the owner of Spa Catchi, who describes the spa as “an intimate boutique spa right in the heart of Manhattan. We really harp on the fact it is a boutique spa and with that we try to give you much more intimate service when you come here.”

I do agree with the intimacy of the spa, and was thankful there were not too many people rushing in and out, disturbing the peace and tranquility.

There are more treatments available at the spa for Spa Week, and all for $50. To make a reservation, call 212-980-3880 or visit them online.

Tell us, will you be indulging in Spa Week? Why or why not?

Charu Suri

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