(Review) A Choo-In: Jimmy Choo Launches Fragrance

Jimmy Choo is a name we have thus far associated with high priced, high heeled, pretty shoes. You know the Sex and The City kind of shoes Carrie had labeled in her closet.

Tamara Mellon behind scenes of Jimmy Choo Fragrance

Well company founder and chief executive officer ( and also spokesmodel, that’s her in the ad images), Tamara Mellon says that fragrance has always been part of her vision for the brand. That’s interesting because I can’t off the top of my head think of any shoe brands that have ever done their own fragrance. Not a fashion brand that does shoes, but a strictly shoe brand, aside from sporting goods types like Adidas. But the brand has name recognition and Mellon says she wanted to accessorize the Jimmy Choo woman.

Tamara Mellon photo shoot

Jimmy Choo the fragrance is very fruity at first with pear and maybe a little peach , some floral in the form of the Tiger Orchid note, then heads into patchouli territory with a little gourmand feel that must be the Toffee note listed. It’s odd, the toffee going against the patchouli but saves this from too girly and gives it more of a darker edge. More than anything it is patchouli based and you’ll need to be a fan of that to like Jimmy Choo, the fragrance. It’s spicy, a little floral, and a little fruity.

jimmy choo perfume

In a bottle inspired by Murano Glass from Venice, Jimmy Choo is not for those looking for a light fragrance. It’s not too strong but it makes an entrance and reminds me of a few other similar perfumes. This has lasting power and good sillage, meaning it leaves a trail in its wake. Ms. Mellon wasn’t looking to fragrance the shrinking violet, anymore than they would wear her shoes.

Available now at Saks (exclusive to them at this point).
2 oz at $ 70.00
3.3 oz at $ 95.00
Matching Body Lotion and Shower Gel also available.

Are you a Jimmy Choo fan? Would you buy this perfume to complement your shoe addiction?

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Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist