(Review, After Photos) Can a Moisturizer Help You Glow? Spa de Soleil-Instant Glow

By looking at the bronze-colored packaging and the word Glow in the product’s name, you’d think Spa De Soleil is a self tanner –but it is not. Spa De Soleil ® Instant Glow is meant to bring out the natural radiance from within. It’s meant to even your skin tone and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

spa de soleil instant glow

The creator of Spa De Soleil’s Instant Glow Moisturizer, Rena Revivo, wanted to help reverse the wear and tear on women’s natural skin due to the environmental toxins, weather, poor nutrition, sugar and sweets in their daily routines. The product uses light reflecting microspheres to diffuse light which instantly reveals a more illuminating skin tone. Combined with minerals, botanicals, Co-Q 10, amino acids and other nutrient rich vitamins, Instant Glow is intended to help build the skin’s immunity and also to act as an anti-aging product. Please note it does contain Hyaluronic acid to fill fine lines and act as a plumping agent.

Spa de Soleil Instant Glow

The directions are simple: apply a small amount to cleansed skin avoiding any direct contact with the eyes. Apply to face and neck area as part of your daily skin regimen.

I have sampled this product for a week and definitely notice that my skin appears to have a more even look. It’s quite easy to apply using the pump; my skin appears a bit dewy until it seeps into the skin. I like the overall appearance of my skin and have noticed no irritation from this product. I have very sensitive skin so was hesitant at first to try a product with amino acids in it. Overall effect? An even skin tone. What are your thoughts on the after picture?

Spa De Soleil ® Instant Glow is available for $ 29.99 at www.spadesoleil.com

Do you turn to moisturizers to give your skin an instant glow? How do you like to get radiant? Drop us a comment below.

Nicole Gordon Levine

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