(Review and Photos) Rimmel Fall 2011 Mascaras: Day2Night, Sexy Curves and Extra Wow Lash

There are honestly so many mascaras on the market that claim to do this and that, but Rimmel’s new trifecta of offerings is interesting for several reasons.
Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Body Mascara
One of the brand’s new fall 2011 mascaras includes a “cup runneth over” promise: Sexy Curves Full Body Mascara ($7.49). The promise is actually a little bit outrageous! 70% more voluptuous curls that last for up to 16 hours. It is also a volumizing mascara, and promises to plump up the lashes. With Sexy Curves Mascara, the spiral brush brushes against the lashes and gives them a gentle curve. This mascara gets top marks for its brush, which doesn’t leave your lashes too goopy (and there’s no clumping, another plus).
Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara Fall 2011
Another mascara offering from Rimmel for the Fall 2011 is the Extra Wow Lash Mascara ($3.99), which has an oversize brush. The brush gives your lashes volume (it says 12 times your natural look) and promises to define lashes without clumps. Our verdict? Yes, there definitely is no clumping and the oversize brush gives you true volume. I would definitely say it’s worth the price.
For more information, check out the latest and greatest (and store locations) check out the Rimmel site. To see whether the price for luscious lashes are worth it check out their website, they’ll give you prices tags and locations for purchase. Rimmel also has a brand new Lash Accelerator Serum that promises to grow lengthen and add volume to sparse lashes and eyebrows.
Have a thing for Rimmel? Check out our review and photos of the latest Glam ‘Eyes and Stay Glossy fall colors here. For the texture and packaging, you can’t beat the price and value added.
Danielle Beckford
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