(Review and Swatches) OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Nail Lacquer collection

Okay, don’t laugh at me but I’ve never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I know, I know. I’m ridiculously tardy to the party but the newest collection from O.P.I. has me itchin’ to make it a Netflix night.

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Nail Lacquer Mermaid Tears

Mermaid Tears

The polishes of the On Stranger Tides collection are absolutely gorgeous. All of the shades are creams and can be topped off with OPI’s Silver Shatter. I can’t WAIT to get my fingers on that kid. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the pretty polishes from On Stranger Tides, shall we, matey?

Mermaid’s Tears photographs like a teal green but it’s really more on a dusty sea green. The name is absolutely fitting, isn’t it?

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Sparrow me the Drama Nail LAcquer

Sparrow me the Drama

Sparrow Me The Drama probably has several dupes but considering this pretty pink can give you opacity with just one coat (such a rarity), I’m thinking it’s a must have.

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Planks a Lot Nail LAcquer

Planks a Lot

Planks A Lot is a warmer lavender with a whole ‘lot of personality. She’s the only one out of all of her siblings that dries to a half cream half jelly finish. She’s magical, I tell ya!

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Skull and Glossbones Nail LAcquer

Stranger Tides

Stranger Tides is such an interesting color. It’s a gray that has just a bit of green intertwined. It’s definitely the most unique shade of the bunch.

On Stranger Tides is perfect for Pirates of the Caribbean lovers and soft dreamy polish lovers alike. While it isn’t the most shocking collection from our beloved OPI, the looks you can come up with using the Silver Shatter as a topcoat are practically endless. What do you think? Must haves or will you pass?

Brittany Thomas, ClumpsofMascara.com

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