(Review, Before/After Photos) An Introduction to Artistry Skincare: Time Defiance System

During the previous New York Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to try a skincare line that’s really well known in Asia in particular: Artistry by Amway.

I had not heard of it nor had I tried it, so I was eager to learn more about what sets it apart from the rest. The Time Defiance anti-aging skincare line piqued my interest because I knew it would have to be gentle and effective if Asian women were flocking to the brand. I also loved the minimal, elegant and understated packaging with its white and gold colors.

The Time Defiance skincare system is what I’ll discuss first (Artistry also has a complete and robust color cosmetics line which I’ll talk about in a separate post). The anti-aging skincare system promises younger skin by as much as 41%. The complete system includes:

– A gentle Cleansing Treatment, which uses a Smart Technology to hydrate the skin only where it needs it. After using the treatment, which felt gentle (it’s a tad bit over fragrant for me, but it’s not bothersome) and my skin did not feel too tight or dry after the cleansing.

– The Conditioning Toner prepares the skin to receive anti-aging benefits. This felt like silk on the skin and I’ve had one of the most pleasant experiences with this toner; it doesn’t strip the skin at all.

– The Day and Night Recovery Moisturizers repair damage to skin’s collagen and elastin levels.

The Time Defiance system promises to help the skin look and act younger, and the way that it accomplishes this is by increasing collagen and elastin, for starters, and by boosting hydration. All the products work synergistically.

Now, for the part that you’re curious about: do the skincare products work? Based on my personal experience, I found that the cleansing component (the Cleansing Treatment) worked very well. My skin still felt a little dry after I applied the Day Recovery Moisturizer on first application, but on a second wave, it felt fine; so I’d recommend you apply a few layers if you’re particularly dry.

The moisturizers absorb easily into the skin and don’t leave it with any greasy or tacky residue, which is a plus. I did mention the fragrance but I’m sensitive to overpowering fragrances in general. This line does not contain overpowering fragrances, but it’s not unscented either. Products range from $30 and up and a complete Time Defiance system can be purchased online for $170.

But bottom line, I was very pleased with the radiance and clarity of my skin, as well as the texture. Take a look at our Before/After photos below:

Artistry by Amway Time Defiance Skincare Line

Artistry by Amway Time Defiance Skincare Line

The products from the Time Defiance Skincare line that I tested: photos by Matthew Minucci

Artistry by Amway Time Defiance Skincare Line BEFORE

Before using any Time Defiance product

Artistry by Amway Time Defiance Skincare Line AFTER

After using the Time Defiance Cleansing Treatment, Conditioning Toner, Day Recovery Moisturizer

Tell us, have you used Artistry products before? Tell us your thoughts and experiences…how did they work for you? Stay tuned for a post about their cosmetics line, soon.

Charu Suri

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