(Review, Before/After Photos): Halloween Cream Find - VotreVu SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps

Inspired by the popular Snapdragon beauty beverage, VotreVu decided to create a harvest-colored SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps (a body cream), and we’re psyched about how it neatly fits into Halloween.

It’s an all-over body drench, and the ingredients of retinol, restorative marine collagen, hydrolyzed collagen and acai-derived citroflavonoids work to reduce free radicals on the skin and also to boost collagen levels. The calming and soothing ingredients are Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil and Green Tea Extract, and the result is a creme that doesn’t irritate and sting but does exactly the opposite while giving you a feast for the senses (especially the eyes).

I found the orange to be really vivid: you may need shades when you open the lid. The results were quick and non greasy (check out our before/after). While I was first inclined to call this a summer sorbet for the skin, this creme has a lot more heft to it compared to a sorbet, which is typically lighter. So yes, I do think this is a fall creme, and is marketed nicely as a “curative cocktail” for the skin.

Ideally, you should use it twice daily, once post shower in the morning, and once at night before you go to bed. Your skin gets bonus points if you ingest the Snapdragon beverage along with this treat. For $42, this is worth the money in my books.

Snapdragon Creme pour le Corps

Snapdragon Creme pour le Corps

Snapdragon Creme pour le Corps



Charu Suri

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