(Review, Before/After Photos): New York Color Cosmetics Spring 2011 (Individual Eyes Shadow, 16H Smooch Proof Lipstain, Liquid Lipshine)

A few weeks ago, I attended a makeover hosted by New York Color to get acquainted with their Spring 2011 launches, most notably their 16 Hour Smooch Proof LipStain, their Liquid Lipshine brilliant lipgloss, Individual Eyes Eye Shadow Palette, High Definition Mascara and their Skin Matching Foundation with Adapting Technology.

Celebrity makeup artist, Matthew Nigara, had customized everyone’s makeup station with relevant concealer, foundation, eye shadow and lip products, and we got to play with the makeup and learn about the genius of each product while marveling at the price (at around $3.99 a pop, you can’t beat the value).

Here’s the skinny on the new products:

New York Color 16 Hour Smoochproof Lipstain

1) The 16 Hour Smooch Proof Lipstain ($4.99) looks like a felt tip pen (think CoverGirl Outlast) but it truly does last a long time. I’m not saying it lasts 16 hours, but mine did last for several hours. And yes, ladies, it’s totally smooch proof (we tested it on our man). White collar approved!

I love the color choices in this line: from Persistent Pink to Forever Freesia, there’s truly a shade for everyone. Nigara recommended that I wear the Forever Mine Wine in my makeover (in the photo below) and I am ADDICTED. It’s seriously my go-to lip stain on a daily basis. Does it dry out the lips? Not really. I mean, lipstains are definitely more drying than lipsticks– no question — but this one is something you definitely want to invest in.

New York Color Liquid Lipshine

2) The Liquid Lipshine ($2.49) gives your lips a burst of color. Nigara recommends you layer it over the LipStain for a glossy effect. I love the moisturizing component of the Lipshine and the pure pigments give the lips a 3-D effect.

New York Color Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer

3) The Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer ($3.99) is a wand of efficacy. It’s too bad it’s only available in Light and Medium because I liked the way it felt on the skin covered my dark circles, but I definitely have to mix the Medium with a darker shade to ensure coverage under my eyes. Enriched with vitamins, it’s a good value product.

NYC Individual Eyes Eye Shadow Palette

4) My favorite new launch is the IndividualEyes Custom Compact ($4.99) because it contains everything you need for that perfect smoky eye: primer, illuminator, applicator and complementing shadows. Nigara recommends you definitely use the primer so the color stays put, and once you’ve achieved the look you want, you can use the illuminator over your lids or on the brow bone for a nice “pop.”

New York Color Skin Matching Foundation

5) The Skin Matching Foundation ($3.99) has a breakthrough tone-to-tone shade adjusting technology that adapts to your personal skin’s texture as well as color. For the price, this is terrific value and does deliver (there is actually a wider range of foundation colors compared to the concealers, and darker-skinned women can definitely benefit from this line).

New York Color High Definition Volume Mascara

6) The mascaras come in a variety from the High Definition Volume to the Sky Rise Lengthening option ($1.99 to $3.99). I do love the High Def Volume that separates the lashes without over drying and also adds that element of volume. It’s designed to add 10 times more volume.

Check out the before/ after photos:

Before makeover with makeup artist Matthew Nigara

Before: zero makeup

After makeover with makeup artist Matthew Nigara

After the makeover: wearing 16 Hour Smooch Proof Lipstain in “Forever Mine Wine” with a layer of “Big Apple Spice” Liquid Lipshine; IndividualEyes Palette for Brown Eyes; and Skin Matching Foundation in #689.

But that’s not all there is; I’ve only given you some of the Spring 2011 highlights of New York Color above. Check out their web site for more detailed information including their powder, bronzer, nail lacquers and more. The amount of detail that has gone into their makeup technology is beyond impressive.

Are you a New York Color cosmetics fan? Why or why not?

– Charu Suri

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