Review, Before/After Video Tutorial: Click N Curl Hair Styling Tool For Body, Volume, Loose-Flowing Waves

Review, Before/After Video Tutorial: Click N Curl Hair Styling Tool For Body, Volume And Loose-Flowing Waves

It seems that while I was busy getting a relatively healthier version of the Keratin treatment (which contains bamboo rather than formaldehyde; I was focused on smoothness and straightness), all everyone else wanted was big barrel, beachy waves for summer.

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Cue to the beach and I was left feeling flat – literally. Though I love not having to spend the extra time blow-drying, I never possessed those sexy waves that grace Victoria’s Secret catalogue covers.

With mainly stick-straight hair after blow-drying and weird quasi-waves beforehand, I tried out the new Click N Curl by Casual Panache ($44.99).

Although I hadn’t necessarily made waves in time for summer, global warming means we still have a few hazy days ahead — methinks.

Review, Before/After Video Tutorial: Click N Curl Hair Styling Tool For Body, Volume And Loose-Flowing WavesWould the Click N Curl give me SJP-worthy curls?

At first, I really didn’t “get” this product: I had been expecting rollers of various sizes that could be attached and removed from a brush handle (used for blow-drying), creating various-sized curls.

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But, noting the cartoon lady on the box, I realized that the idea is that you use equal-sized rollers in your hair that can either be inserted into the brush handle OR used as rollers (or both).

Review, Before/After Video Tutorial: Click N Curl Hair Styling Tool For Body, Volume And Loose-Flowing Waves

The goal is to have hair dry with body and achieve that Christie Brinkley blow-out — the confident trademark bounce that made models in the ‘80s and ‘90s the envy of frizzy-haired girls everywhere.

I have been to salons where just a blow dryer is used, and to others where hair is set in large curlers — you sit under a drier and when mostly dry, your hair gets blown out the rest of the way.

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The idea is that the curlers add extra body and a nice, soft look to the hair while cutting down on blow-drying time and potential damage, as well as eliminating the heat damage that would result from using a flat iron.

Click N Curl was created with the same intent for a do-it-at-home approach. In the demo video below, you’ll notice that the model begins by using the Click N Curl curler securely “clicked in” to the brush handle. The model then removes the brush handle with (you guessed it) a simple click of a button… and now she has a roller set in her hair.

Watch how to Click N Curl at home with this video:

I am personally not a fan of blowing out my hair while simultaneously having to hold an extra brush in the other hand. Hell, it’s not rocket science, but I’m just not coordinated enough.

I prefer an attachment to my blow dryer (I own a high-powered Conair blow dryer that comes with interchangeable attachments). I swear by my Conair.

Click N Curl, however, gives me the option to do something less damaging to my hair on a day when I have more time. Despite the fact that I have what might be characterized as a “hair multitasking learning disability”, I managed to use the brush and blow dryer at the same time, quickly tired of the effort (my hair is thick) and rushed to do the setting with the removable curlers.

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This occurred on a day when I worked entirely from home and had ample time; I kept my hair in curlers for hours (see the model pictured above), sat outside to let it dry, wore them through conference calls and even carpool pick-up (with a hoodie on to cover the frightful sight).

That night, I revealed the final results to my husband and children: A self-inflicted blow-dry with body. I was no longer “Flat Stanley” – er, “Flat Shira” — and the hair that the Keratin treatment had previously tamed now reflected the ferocious lioness my horoscope (Leo) claims that I am.

Are any of you beauties looking to give your hair a boost? What do you think the Click N Curl could do for your hair?

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– Shira Hirschman Weiss

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