(Review) Bespoke Hairstyles: Redken Launches Volume Styling Collection With Segmentation by Hair Zone

If you thought you have a lot of products for your hair, Redken’s new launches may make you resort to making more shelf space. The brand, which we love, has just released volumizing products segmented by hair zone –leaving the power of deciding what part of the hair you want to amplify up to YOU.

Neat, eh? We thought so.

The idea behind these six launches was to help you decide what you love about your hair, and to improve these assets. Do you need to boost volume at the roots? Add volume to the length? The six products don’t differentiate between hair types and textures; rather they are fit for use with fine to medium textures.

Here’s the six pack line up:

rooftul 06 Root Lifting Spray

Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray: This lightweight, brushable formula was created to provide soft volume and long-lasting frizz control, and is meant to be applied to damp hair at the roots and air or blow dried. I LOVE this spray because it truly does achieve frizz control and is ridiculously easy to use. $15.50.

Redken Thickening Lotion 06 Body Builder

Thickening Lotion 06: This is an all-over body builder, designed to give more substance and thickness to hair to expand body and fullness, and it’s supposed to be used on towel-dried hair. If you want both body AND combat frizz, we suggest using both the Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray and the Thickening Lotion 06. $15.

Full Frame 07 All Over Volumizing Mousse: This is a conditioning mousse that creates volume from root to tip, and has polymers that create lift and body. Again this is meant to be applied on towel-dried hair. So, you’ll have to figure out if you’re a mousse type of gal (in which case, use Full Frame) or a Lotion type of gal (Thickening Lotion) for all body and fullness. $16.

Aerate 08 All Over Bodifying Cream-Mousse: This cream mousse has long since been one of my favorites because I love the “lighter than air” texture. The reason why this is part cream, part mousse is because it has the conditioning properties of a cream, and the volumizing properties of a mousse. Meant to be applied on damp hair and air dried. $16.50.

Layer Lift 07 Length Elevating Spray Gel: This spray gel adds volume to layered locks and helps prevent flatness and frizz and is meant to be applied to damp hair. $15.50.

Guts 10 Root Targeted Volume Spray Foam: This is a spray mousse that has a fast-breaking composition and offers a lot of directional control. It’s meant to be used to lift your roots, and you need to hold this spray foam 3-4 inches from the head and apply it directly to the roots. While I liked this product, my hair is a bit thick, almost medium thick one could say, and I did not see a palpable difference as someone with thinner hair might find. $16. Note: this product has been voluntarily recalled by Redken for fear of cans rupturing. Read more about it here>.

All these products can be purchased at fine salons where Redken is sold. Visit the site to locate one near you! To look at our Hair Contest winners (prize sponsored by Redken), click here.

We think this is the finest thing to happen since bespoke tailoring, but what are your thoughts?

Charu Suri

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