Review: Cargo Cosmetics' Safari Collection for Spring 2011

If you’ve had any bit of the wanderlust in you, you’ll appreciate stylish, portable makeup. Cargo Cosmetics brings you the spirit of adventure in a chic, postcard-inspired clutch that’s perfect for the jetsetter.

The Safari Collection ($34) is inspired by the exotic and beautiful hues of the African Savannah and is packed in a special Voyages makeup bag. It includes three full-size products and two travel size essentials, all chicly packaged to make your journeys more special and beautiful.

Cargo Cosmetics Spring 2011

Here are the products contained in this flexible, stamped bag:

  • BeachBlush™ in Coral Beach: This is both blush and bronzer that will give you a glowing, sun-kissed look all year around.
  • Eye Shadow Duo (new shade): The perfect combination of shimmering olive green and burnished gold;
  • Eye Pencil (new shade): A gold-flecked khaki hue to complete your olive-smoked eyes;
  • Travel-Size 3: Triple Action Mascara: A mini version of the popular multi-tasking mascara lengthens, curls and thickens lashes in a single swipe;
  • Travel-Size Lip Gloss (new shade): This pale fusion of pink and peach glistens like desert sand, completing your Safari-worthy look.

I love the texture of the lip gloss, which goes on beautifully without being too marshmallow sticky. The bronzer is suitable for all skin types, from the cocoa babe to the porcelain-skinned Kate Middleton.

Cargo Cosmetics Spring 2011

In addition to the Safari Collection, Cargo Cosmetics is all about embracing your inner globe trotter this season. If the Safari Collection hasn’t suited your fancy yet, you may want to dip your makeup fingers in the Voyages Gloss Collection ($32), which offers glosses in portable, mini versions. There are five shades, each named after a global locale.

The Voyages Bronzing Collection ($25; a Sephora and JC Penny exclusive) offers the Bronzer in Medium paired with a Kabuki brush. The Voyages Water Resist Collection ($25; an ULTA exclusive) gives you all splash-proof essentials from Cargo, including a Water-Resist Bronzer and Better Than Waterproof mascara.

The latest debut and wonder from the spring 2011 collection is the Jet Lag Concealer ($32). This concealer is an industrial-strength skincare innovation to serves to conceal imperfections, dark circles and to brighten the under eye skin area.

As though these innovations were not enough, you can also find a new Mascara, Mascara ($20) collection of portable mini-size mascaras for your journeying pleasure.

We know there are a lot of you out there itching to get more passport stamps, cross the border, fly in style or even journey to Antarctica in the most Out of Africa way possible. Aren’t these simply the CUTEST kits? Who could pass them up?

Which one is your compass pointing to?

– Charu Suri

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Suggested Retail
Price: $34 U.S. (Regular Retail Value $89)

Availability: Spring 2011 at Sephora Inside JCPenney, Macy’s Impulse Beauty, ULTA and Beauty 360