Review: “Spa Life” Facebook Game by Clarins

While Facebook is a distraction for most (myself included!), luckily I had not succumbed to the addiction of their games, including Farmville. However, that changed when I attended a press preview for Clarins new launch—not for a product, but for their salon game Spa Life. Branded as “an innovative Facebook game where you can claim your fame as a virtual spa owner,” I was curious to see if this could really catch (and keep!) my attention.

Clarins Spa Life Facebook Game

Debuting earlier this month, this marks the first branded game involving a global beauty brand. Spa Life is Clarins first foray into the casual games market, and was created withFreshPlanet, a game publishing and development company focusing on the Facebook and mobile platforms.

“Developing Spa Life with Clarins was such a terrific and novel experience.” says Mathieu Nouzareth, FreshPlanet co-founder and CEO. “The game’s ambition is to combine a truly deep and ambitious game play that millions of players will enjoy while at the same time promoting Clarins product and values.” Believe it or not, more than 70% of social gamers on Facebook are female, over the age of 35, which is a perfect match for Clarins’ target customer.

I had the pleasure of trying my hands as a virtual spa owner and continued my journey for about two weeks. As a beginner, it was difficult for me to understand how to play, but luckily the first few levels are practice trials. You begin the game with some cash to purchase facial and mani/pedi stations, thenvoila! you’re open for business. You earn points as people come in for services, and use products to enhance their experience. Once I reached the 4th level, I was able to purchase and use Clarins products.

Clarins Spa Life Facebook Game

Since my gaming time is so scattered, it was hard keeping up with the demand for our services. As of this moment while I write this, I am up to level 6, and am trying to make more money to expand! Sometimes the spa gets crowded and people leave upset, which is hard to avoid since I only have a staff of two! Just like an actual salon owner, my revenues need to pick up before I can build a bigger space. The social aspect comes in when you “hire” your Facebook friends to work for you and share your achievements on your Wall. Whenever I pick up the game where I left off, I’m greeted with this:

Clarins Spa Life Facebook Game

Altogether, Spa Life is a great intro for those who are new to gaming, or just want to add another app to the procrastination list. I also like how the game was a soft sell for the Clarins brand, where I could learn what products can be used for myself, instead of a trick to purchase products right off the game.

“We wanted to be true to the whole spirit of why people play games. They don’t want to play games to watch advertising; they play to have fun,” said Han Wen, Director of Interactive Marketing for Clarins USA. I couldn’t agree more.

To experience Spa Life, check out, or simply type in “Spa Life” in the search bar on Facebook.

– Genevieve Santos

Genevieve Santos is a beauty quadruple-threat—makeup artist, entrepreneur, cosmetics marketer and creator of the Gorgeous on the Go blog. Follow her escapades on Twitter

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