Review, Face Swatches: Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup -- Lightweight Foundation With Essential Oils

Review, Face Swatches: Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup -- Lightweight Foundation With Essential Oils

Looking for a product that makes your skin look evenly toned, naturally radiant and has SPF in it to boot? Well, look no further because a product that took eight years of research has arrived from Giorgio Armani Beauty, and its name is Maestro Fusion Makeup ($62.00).

I cannot praise enough about the weightlessness of this product;s application: it is featherlight. It doesn’t even feel like there is any product on my face. My skin feels like my skin and it applied evenly; as you can see, my skin looks flawless. The quest for transparency and coverage in a foundation was at the very heart of the eight years of research.

Review, Face Swatches: Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup -- Lightweight Foundation With Essential Oils

It’s no wonder that five oils out of thousands were selected to compose the Maestro formula. Extracts of lotus oil were also integrated into the formula because they have anti-free radical properties and also contain hydrating agents. These oils replace water that is normally a component in many other foundation formulas. Just a few drops on the skin from the dropper allows a thin film that is very easy-to-apply.

Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics said “It’s not a foundation, it’s a complexion perfector. A whole new generation of makeup that feels incredible, looks invisible and makes skin appear luminous every time. Anyone can wear it!” Linda Cantello below!>

Review, Face Swatches: Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup -- Lightweight Foundation With Essential Oils

Nicole wearing Maestro Fusion Makeup and Eyes o Kill Mascara

Tested for one week by sixty women aged twenty to fifty, with all different skin types except extreme ones, 100% agreed that the product blended into the skin on application; 100% agreed that it is easy-to-wear and that you forget that you are wearing makeup; 98% agreed that it gave them a rapid and perfect makeup result look every time.

Maestro Fusion Makeup is a new form of makeup and I say that from the heart, as I have been around the beauty industry for two decades. I have never seen a foundation like this that is waterless and allows for a no-makeup feel. Available in 12 shades in the USA at fine department stores and by visiting

Q&A with International Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Linda Cantello

How is Maestro different from other foundations?

It’s not a foundation! Lots of people have asked me what makes it so special and different, it’s actually completely revolutionary, a new face make-up category: a complexion perfector, in the most amazing sense of the word.

As a professional make-up artist, why Maestro became a key product in your beauty case?

It is so easy-to-apply, just a few drops and you have a matte and luminous finish. Maestro matches every look and every need! From the most nude or classical makeup to the most sophisticated or daring ones. Every woman can now have a professional makeup-artist finish all day long just with a few drops. No makeup can look good without a good canvas.

How does it feel?

It is very sensual, it just feels incredible and fresh but as the same time, it is featherlight, just as pleasant to apply as a skincare cream. I think women would love to apply it. When I used it on the model in the backstage of the Maestro campaign, she said it was magical and I thought she was truly right!

How does Maestro complete the Giorgio Armani face make-up range?

Giorgio Armani‘s foundations and more than ever with Maestro, are like his clothes, you notice the woman and her great skin. Giorgio Armani has envisioned his foundations like his fabrics, the best quality, the highest cutting edge technology, true color – all come together to flatter and enhance rather than disguise.

What is your advice to get the right shade?

The formula is so thin and the distribution of pigments so homogeneous that is actually very easy to match any skin tones. Only a few shades will fit all the skin tones in the world. The Giorgio Armani’s teams in the point of sales will help to find the exact shade for you.

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– Nicole Gordon Levine

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