(Review & Giveaway): Best Spring/ Summer 2011 Fragrances (Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2011, David Yurman The Essence, Bond. No 9 Madison Square Park, Coach Limited Edition)

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote that “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”. But what about us ladies? Our fancy often turns to thoughts of fashion, beauty, and quite often fragrance (with love perhaps making an appearance as well). It’s time for something fresh and new and to shake off the heavy winter gear which often includes deep rich fragrances that might seem more than the sunny warmer days call for. Spring is also a popular time for new fragrance releases and here we have a few which with which to scent the season.
Three new perfumes, each corresponding to a gemstone used in the company’s jewelry line. Choose from Fresh (green), a fresh and crisp aquatic floral; Delicate (pink), a soft dewy floral of lotus blossom , peony and rose, that smells very much like its name, and Exotic (amber) a spicy, warm vanilla and amber oriental. According to perfumer and Essences creator Harry Fremont “Each corresponds to a mood or a certain ambiance. From the freshest to the more sensual they can fulfill any fragrance desire.”
Inspired by the iconic Manhattan park, home of the infamous Shake Shack, the bright pink bottle with its removable lime green bracelet suggests packing a spring punch. It’s a light, crisp and occasionally green floral with notes of grape hyacinth, red leaf rose, huckleberry and vetiver root.
Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2011

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2011

This season’s summer Eternity is meant to evoke a field of wildflowers. It’s a little dry, a little powdery and nicely floral. There’s lily, a hint of cilantro with mimosa taking center stage. Limited edition.

Coach Limited Edition Summer 2011

Coach Signature Summer Limited Edition Fragrance

A sheer version of the original Signature scent using white freesia, water lily and muguet along with fruit notes of mandarin and raspberry , drying down with musk and sandalwood.

Marc Jacobs Splash Collection Summer 2011

Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail Collection

Inspired by summer cocktails and best used almost as a body mist, this year’s splashes are Cranberry – zesty citrus, and berry with notes of cranberry, tangerine, honeysuckle, red currant, musk. Ginger- spicy with hints of citrus and other fruits. Notes include ginger, coriander, cognac oil, sandalwood, and Curacao – orange all the way, with an aquatic feel. Notes include lime, blood orange, apricot, pear white moss.

We are giving away one bottle of Calvin Klein One 2011 Limited Edition fragrance bottle to a lucky winner. Simply leave a comment below and let us know which fragrance you would wear from our suggestions above. US only please. Winner will be chosen by April 29th.

– Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist

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