(Review & Giveaway) L'Oreal Paris Launches Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Line for Mature, Thinning Skin

Mature skin (we’re talking women over 50) has distinct needs. Remember that cell turnover process that happens every 28 days? Well, that slows down significantly once you reach your 30’s. Once you hit your 50’s, the skin enters the intensive care phase — but this doesn’t mean you should worry.

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Golden Balm

The dry, thinning and less resilient skin that is associated with mature women has a new friend in L’Oreal’s specifically targeted Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Golden Balm line which has nourishing essential oils, precious oils and skin-strengthening calcium.

This products really has a luxurious look and feel to them, as though you’re purchasing goods reserved for the hallowed shelves of luxury department stores. The Golden Balm collection provides extreme hydration and comfort and promises 24 hours of hydration by penetrating deep into the skin layers. It works to re-cushion the skin from within and locks in hydration for a full 24 hours.

There is a Golden Balm for the Face, Neck & Chest areas ($19.99). What is interesting about this balm is not simply the essential oils, but a category they call “precious” oils, and there are ten of these. From apricot kernel oil, which is both an effective and mild oil, to flax seed oil (also known as linseed oil) which is delicate, this blend is rich and potent but not greasy.

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Golden Balm

Another product in the line is the Golden Balm for the delicate under eye area ($19.99). Use this in small dots around the eye area and smooth it in gently until absorbed. According to research, dark circles peak at 50 + years of age, so this age group would benefit from using this Golden Balm in a big way. Last but not least is a Hydra-Nutrition Day/Night Cream, a fortified and resilient velvety smooth cream priced at $16.99 to be used twice daily.

We are glad at the way skincare categorization has evolved into such a niche affair: there seems to be a product for every demographic and this is a good thing, but only if you use the products regularly. There’s nothing worse than having several creams and serums piling up never to be used. But we have a feeling that this rich mixture is just the thing for women with mature skins.

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We are giving away a set of both the Golden Balm Face, Neck & Chest Cream as well as the Golden Balm Eye Serum to one lucky winner.

To enter, just leave a comment below saying what area of your skincare you would most like to change. The contest closes July 30th. Good luck! And don’t forget to give us a LIKE on Facebook.

Charu Suri