(Review, Video, Giveaway): S by Shakira Eau de Florale Fragrance Launches

Our favorite South American stunner, Shakira launched S by Shakira Eau de Florale this month. This new S is a light floral scent with sweet succulent hints of berries and musky vanilla. This floral blend lasts a long time, leaving a nice top note of sweet berries. In short, it is another side of Shakira that we’re glad to see — and sniff. It is her softer, more girly side bottled up for the world to keep. As a fan of florals and having tried it, I can confirm that two hours later I could still smell the vibrant berries on my skin.
S by Shakira Fragrance Shakira
A few days ago Puig USA , the company that worked with Shakira to develop Eau de Florale hosted an event at Banchet Flowers boutique located in the meatpacking district. The space was filled with pink candles and flowers to scent the mode.
Guests had the opportunity to mingle with Vanita Sabnani VP of Marketing at Puig USA who has spearheaded the fragrance. Ms. Sabnani told us that the word “Shakira” is one of the top 5 most searched for on Twitter, and she has close to 2 million followers! This likely means an automatic celebrity blockbuster for Shakira.
S Eau de Florale will also offer holiday gift boxes that will include other fragrance items, so stay tuned for this reveal in the next few months.
When Shakira was asked about her influences for the fragrance, she was very open about her process. “After working on S by Shakira with the perfumer, I became interested in the possibilities of expressing emotions through scents.” Says Shakira “It’s similar to the process you go through when writing a melody: certain chord combinations inspire different feelings in the listener…You could say that S by Shakira Eau Florale reflects my more delicate and feminine side. It could be for a different moment, or a different mood. Perhaps, for when you’re feeling romantic!’
S by Shakira also doesn’t have a traditional fragrance cap –rather, it has a charm attached instead. The Eau Florale launches September 2011 in the following sizes: 0.5 oz ($17.00), 1.0 oz ($28.00), and 1.7 oz ($35.00) and is available at key specialty retailers, fine chain drug stores and mass retailers (i.e. Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Kohl’s and Sears).
Shakiras new video clip for S Eau de Florale can be viewed below.

GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away a full-size 1.7 oz fragrance to a special reader. Leave a comment below telling us What perfume you’re currently wearing and Why you should win Shakira’s new one. A winner will be picked by October 28th.
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